Download the Files

Click on the button below to download the files that are hosted on GitHub.

It appears the modified version of motion included in the download may not work with the newest Raspbian version. You should use wheezy instead, which can be found here.

1. Open the google_drive directory, and place the AUTODELETE_FILES.gdscript file into your (online) Google Drive home folder. This will be used to delete files 30 days after being uploaded to Google Drive via insync. Additionally open this file with a script editor (see below), and copy/save it into a new script in the Google Scripts website (Start Scripting->Paste Script->Save it->Run to test it).
2. The files in 433Utils/RPi_utils/ should be placed into the /home/pi/433Utils/RPi_utils/ folder. Use an SFTP client like WinSCP to do this.
3. Place all the remaining files/folders into the /home/pi/Desktop/ directory.

Note: when reading code, make sure to use a script editor like Notepad++.