The following is a list of features of the home security system outlined in this tutorial:

  • Remotely control it via any smartphone or tablet, including Android and Apple devices
  • Specifically, one can arm or disarm it as well as turn on a panic siren
  • Remotely view a live, password-protected video stream from any browser at 15 fps with a 0.5 second buffer
  • Uses 433Mhz radiofrequency sensors whose range usually covers ~300 feet
  • When a sensor is tripped while the system is armed, it will send a text, email, and/or push notification stating which sensor was tripped
  • When armed, if motion is detected by the camera it will upload the motion-event video (.avi file) to Google Drive
  • It will also immediately send a push notification and/or email of the video frame containing the most motion
  • The files in Google Drive are organized into folders by date and deleted after 30 days
  • With camera motion, a "pet filter" can be applied to ignore small pets
  • Of note, only activated sensors will trigger the countdown to the siren (not motion detected by the camera)
  • Arm or disarm the security system using voice commands with Amazon Echo