Hardware Required

Below is a layout of the security system, as well as a realistic list of hardware and costs required for this project. The total hardware cost amounts to $145.
Product Description Google Search Term Estimated Cost
Raspberry Pi (see 1) Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Amazon $36
Camera Gooseneck Mount Camera Board 360 Gooseneck Mount ModMyPi $5
Camera module Raspberry Pi 5MP Camera Board Amazon $20
SD Card SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB MicroSDHC Amazon $20
Charger (see 2) NorthPada UL Listed Micro USB Mains Power Wall Supply Charger 5V 2.5A Amazon $9
Case (see 3) Raspberry Pi Case by Viaboot Amazon $8
Speaker Logitech S120 Desktop Speaker Walmart $9
Line-in JacobsParts 10-Foot 3.5mm 1/8" Stereo Amazon $3.50
433Mhz Magnetic Sensors (see 4) 8 set 433Mhz Wireless/Door Window Sensor Ebay $24
Jumper Cables 40pc Dupont Wire Jumper Cable Female to Female Ebay $3.75
433Mhz Transmitter/Receiver 433Mhz Superheterodyne 3400 RF Transmitter and Receiver Ebay $9
433Mhz Siren/Transmitter + Motion Sensor 433mhz sensor Wireless 32 Guard Zones Home Alarm Siren System AliExpress $18
433Mhz Glass Break Sensor A07 Wireless Glass Break Sensor Detector Ebay $9
433Mhz Carbon Monoxide Detector Ebay 433MHZ Home Security Safety CO Gas Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector $11
Ethernet Cord Ethernet cord Amazon $5
Magnetic Sensor Batteries Energizer A23 Battery $5

(1) Only Raspberry Pi 2 models or greater currently have enough CPU power for this project
(2) It is important to obtain a 5V 2.5A charger in order to have enough power for the sensors
(3) Make sure to have slits underneath the case cover so that jumper cables can slip through
(4) Expect shipping from all products on Ebay/AliExpress to take up to 45 days as they come from China